A Little Morning Star Delight

Ah Morgenster! Without a doubt one of our favourite wine estates. Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate is located in Somerset West. Founded in 1711, this picturesque wine farm is home to our new favourite red wine, the Cabernet Franc as well as an array of early vintage Bordeaux-style red blends, a white Bordeaux, their Methode Cap Classic, several single varietal wines and lastly, an Italian Collection range.

Along with these stunning wines, Morgenster has 50 hectares of olive groves which are ultimately served in the form of extra virgin olive oil or table olives. Italian owner Giulio Bertrand maintains that “where there is quality, there is no compromise”. We soon discovered this philosophy holds true when we opted for their Olive Oil and Wine Tasting.

We must mention that in addition to our tasting option, Morgenster also offers the Bordeaux tasting consisting of 5 Bordeaux-style wines, the Nu series consisting of 5 single cultivar wines, the Italian Collection consisting of 3 wines, the Italian Collection wine and chocolate tasting consisting of 3 wines and 4 chocolates and lastly, the Olive Platter consisting of 5 olive oils, 1 balsamic vinegar, table olives and olive pastes.

But enough of that, back to our tasting. For us, the Olive Oil and Wine Tasting option was a no brainer. The tasting platter was wonderfully presented in Morgenster’s Revel Fox designed tasting room. We would have loved to experience the tasting outside on the veranda overlooking their reed lined dam and the Helderberg Mountains but we all know the Cape and wind. Nonetheless, we were quite satisfied with our seating. Directly behind us were masses of wine barrels, quite the picture I must say.

Our platter consisted of 3 wines (the Cabernet Franc, the Sauvignon Blanc and the Caruso); 4 olive oils (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Monte Marcello Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Don Carlo Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our personal favourite the Lemon Enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil); their Balsalmic Vinegar; a handful of Kalamata (black) olives and Nocellara del Belice (green) olives, the black and green olive pastes and let’s not forget the ciabatta and crackers. After an informative introduction and explanation of each of the components laid out before us, we tucked in.

Bellissimo 👌🏼 Each specimen was of an exemplary quality. Needless to say, we went home with a bottle of the Cabernet Franc, the Balsalmic Vinegar as well as the Lemon Enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With plenty of space indoors or out on the veranda and an indoor fireplace for those crispy Cape winter days, wine and olive tastings can be enjoyed all year round. You’d be dilly if you miss the chance to taste their internationally acclaimed Bordeaux-style wines and multiple award winning olive oils. An added bonus is their on site Italian inspired Restaurant, 95 at Morgenster. We plan on enjoying what the restaurant has to offer when Morgenster Boutique Hotel and Spa opens up later this year.

With so many places to see and activities to enjoy in the Western Cape, do yourself a favour and place Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate on your list. It’s a mere 35 minutes from Cape Town. If not for the wine or the olives, go for the beauty, serenity, tranquility and fresh air. There’s something for everyone.

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