Going vegan in the City Centre

We’ve always felt that food is enjoyed and appreciated not only with your tastebuds but your eyes as well. A visual art of sorts and as such when we lunch or dinner, we tend to get excited when a well-presented dish arrives. No, we’re not foodies, we just enjoy food 😁

As a duo where one is a long-time vegetarian and the other is a trial by error vegetarian, every weekend is a quest to find restaurants suitable to our needs. But boy oh boy did we strike gold with this little gem of a spot.

Located on Orphan Street in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD is The Hungry Herbivore. A quaint and cosy vegan restaurant. I’ll be the first to admit that as a vegetarian vegan food scares me. I like dairy, end of story. The mere fact that the cheese served at The Hungry Herbivore wasn’t the cheese I normally enjoyed made me a little hesitant about choosing anything with “cheese”. My partner on the other hand was more open and “adventurous” than me 😔 Not a proud moment for me, I know.

Not wanting to appear weak by ordering a cappuccino, I copied my partner and ordered a glass of sunshine, a mix of orange, carrot, ginger, apple and lemon. Quite refreshing during this hot summer we’re having in Cape Town.

When our drinks arrived, we placed our lunch order. The Oh Sweet Kim Burger for him and the Mexicana for me. Service here is quick. You never feel like you’re waiting an eternity for your drinks or food. Within 15 minutes our lunch arrived. Both excited with the presentation of each dish, we decided to taste each other’s dish, seeing as sharing is caring.

My Mexicana (seen above) was such a pretty picture. The Mexicana looks like just another nachos dish but it’s so much more. It consisted of organic corn chips, spicy tomato lentils, salsa, guacamole and vegan cream cheese. Yes you heard me, vegan cream cheese! In all honesty, I haven’t had a nachos dish this clean and wholesome yet tasty and delicious…ever!

I was enjoying my dish without a doubt but I couldn’t help watching my other half thoroughly enjoy his burger.

The Oh Sweet Kim Burger (seen above) consisted of a homemade sweet potato, quinoa, kimchi and lentil patty served with caramelised onion, avocado, vegan cheese and spicy mayo, all on a whole wheat bun with a side of fries. Aaah man. Just delicious 😍 There is really no other way to describe this burger. I almost envied the fact that he had 80% of this burger. Nonetheless we finished up and decided to continue our day with a walk in the Company Gardens.

On a serious note, don’t be afraid to try this place because they’re vegan. Their food and service is far above board. You’ll leave feeling lighter yet satisfied and happy. Who said vegan food was all rabbit food? Definitely not at this little joint. Check them out on Orphan Street in the CBD or at the Mojo Market in Regent Road, Sea Point.

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