Romance is in the Air

It’s hard to keep the romance alive in this day and age. With everything becoming commercialised and generic or social media oriented, romance these days is more of a status update than something special to be celebrated and cherished. Thinking of interesting activities to do with your loved one is almost always a headache inducing process. Trying to please and yet surprise your loved one but simultaneously impress everyone else is just as tedious. What works for us? Slow it down and take it back to the basics. We enjoy nature, discovering new locations, trying new foods and restaurants and just appreciating the province we live in.

It all starts with a desire to spend uninterrupted quality time. For us, we jumped into the car and headed for the picturesque Simon’s Town. Usually quite jam-packed with tourists, Simon’s Town is beautiful and filled with loads of cosy restaurants. From the Salty Sea Dog to The Sweetest Thing Patisserie, the little town has something for every tooth. We however, were looking for something more secluded and so began our little scenic romantic drive.

Our drive was filled abundantly with beautiful flowers and majestic views. Although the Red Hill area has been devastated with several fires over the years, the greenery fights through. We stopped and took several photographs of the views, flora and treats. Enjoying the serene and tranquil drive, we passed a little farmhouse and African Art Centre. Realising we were almost at Cape Point we turned around and returned to the farmhouse. Drive too fast and you’ll miss this secluded and intimate spot. With vineyards on the right, the African Art Centre in front and paddocks on the left, the Cape Farmhouse is placid, unperturbed and good old countryside living.

As a pair, one 100% city, the other more accustomed to the quiet side of life; we strive to find a balance. Something or somewhere we will both enjoy. This area feeds both our needs. Tranquil just doesn’t seem to cover it in its totality. After strolling through the lands, we settled upon a table overlooking a little pond and a curio shop. The Cape Farmhouse has an extensive menu and caters well for vegetarians. For once, I had too many options but sweetness was definitely the theme of the day. Both suffering from a need for something delectable, we opted for 2 cappuccinos, 1 slice of baked cheesecake and 1 slice of carrot cake…why not?

Aaah just deliciousness πŸ™‚ The perfectly baked cheesecake and carrot cake went down so well when coupled with the ambience and beauty of this area. If quality time is what you’re looking for, a drive to the closely situated countryside and a slice of heaven is not far off. Red Hill is a mere 50 minute drive from Cape Town. There’s a little something for everyone. In the vicinity is Red Hill Pottery, a braai (barbecue) area, Just Nuisance’s grave and the Scala Battery. The view from the Scala Battery is just magnificent (see featured picture). The Scala Battery overlooks Simon’s Town in all its glory. A beautiful sight without question.

If you’re looking to get lost together, this is definitely the place to do it. With spots of interrupted cellphone reception, Red Hill is relatively unknown amongst city folks but a number of locals will point you in the right direction if you lose your way. And yes, the restaurant has WiFi and accepts card payments in case you were wondering πŸ˜‰ A word to the wise, be sure to fill up on petrol before you head up to Red Hill, there are no petrol stations in Red Hill. There are a few in Simon’s Town if you need one.

If you have the time or want to be a little more romantic, pack a picnic basket and enjoy one of the many picnic and braai areas in the Red Hill area. With majestic views of the mountains, sea and landscape; we have no doubt that your romantic rendezvous will be a roaring success.

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