Tapas for Two

There is no greater feeling than walking into a restaurant and realising there are no mushroom dishes on offer for vegetarians. Didn’t you know vegetarians only eat mushrooms and lettuce! 😒 On our weekly quest for a vegetarian friendly restaurant, we stumbled upon a tapas style restaurant. With high hopes, we decided to try this little joint in Kalk Bay called Salt. The layout of this cosy restaurant is unpretentious and feels almost homely. Tables are furnished with a pewter mug of cutlery and napkins, salt and pepper holders as well as a small vase of roses. With its high bar stools, wooden cafe-style tables and chalkboard menu, Salt delivers an interesting mix of international flavours. An open kitchen gives you the opportunity to see your meals in the making. Watching meal prep is always interesting especially when you’re used to watching Kitchen Nightmares.

We arrived to a jam-packed restaurant. All the street and harbour facing counter spaces were occupied so we took what we could get. Looking at Salt’s menu, you definitely get the feeling that you’re eating healthy food without feeling like you’re about to graze in a paddock. Having to decide what to order when you have so many options is a first for many vegetarians unless you’re going to a vegetarian or specialty vegan restaurant. When we had finally made up our minds, we ordered the patatas bravas (a staple of ours), flash fried zucchini with kale pesto, butternut ravioli with sage butter (a no brainer) and the cauliflower couscous with herb paste and pistachios.

The restaurant overlooks Kalk Bay Harbour so it’s quite easy to get lost looking at the sea. That and the fact that you can see your food being prepared makes one lose track of time. Our food arrived faster than anticipated. Looking rather appetising and interesting. Some dishes were well-known to us, others not so much. We always order patatas bravas – if a menu has it, we’re ordering it. Salt’s patatas bravas is definitely in the top 3. The potatoes were cooked perfectly. It was just perfect. The butternut ravioli with sage butter was delicious. We are both absolutely mental about Italian cuisine. Lunch or Dinner always includes one Italian dish. The flash fried zucchini with kale pesto was crisp and delightful – perfectly balanced in every way. And lastly, the cauliflower couscous with herb paste and pistachios – just amazing. This dish was so fresh and light yet tasty and wholesome. We thought the smart thing to do would be to order those four dishes and decide if we were still hungry and then order more. Well because we’re used to more, unfortunately. Strangely enough, we didn’t order more. We were completely satisfied. An odd feeling for us both.

Every dish was delectable. There was absolutely nothing to complain about. The service was fantastic as well. With the meal coming to an end, we realised that our work was not yet done. We had both been eyeballing the listing of Lindt chocolate fondant with vanilla bean ice cream under the Desserts heading. Deciding not to be ridiculous and blow our stomachs, we did the sensible thing and ordered one to share.

Ah heavenly. It melted in your mouth. Just a whole lot of chocolate deliciousness. Delizioso 👌🏼 We can’t tell you how amazing it is, you need to taste it for yourself. Do yourself a favour, take a drive to Kalk Bay and check out this little joint. The food is fantastic, the location is ideal and the vibe is awesome. There is something for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Nobody has to compromise, feel dissatisfied or feel like they’ve been robbed of a tasty meal. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner – Salt definitely has the right idea!

*Feature Photograph of Salt not our own.

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