A Visit to Morgenhof

Hidden off the R44 just outside Stellenbosch is the beautifully tranquil Morgenhof Wine Estate. Situated on the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountains, Morgenhof Wine Estate was established in 1692 and became the property of Anne Cointreau in 1993. We had no idea what to expect with this wine estate. Neither of us have ever been there and realistically, research only gets you so far but boy oh boy, we definitely didn’t need any research here.

We arrived to a seemingly quiet venue. Our greeting party involved a family of peacocks and a squirrel. We enjoyed our little meet and greet and even managed to get a few photographs. Just too cute πŸ€— We wandered around the property to get a sense of where everything was and to take some photographs naturally πŸ˜‰ When we reached the maze like area around the tasting room, we became almost giddy. It really is quite beautiful. The formal rose garden is perfectly maintained. The garden pathway leads you to the dramatically-styled French architecture of the tasting room.

Once we reached the steps of the tasting centre, we decided to sit outside and enjoy the beauty of this wine estate. It is peaceful, lush and intimate. Morgenhof sits on 213 hectares of land, a relatively small wine estate but best be warned their wines pack a mighty punch. Our wine tasting consisted of 5 wines. You have the option to choose any 5 wines from the list provided. We opted for their Brut Reserve, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot Cabernet Franc and lastly their 2013 Cabernet Franc Vintage Select.

There’s always room for bubbles in the morning πŸ˜‰ Morgenhof’s Brut Reserve was fantastic. It didn’t have that bite most Brut’s have, we quite enjoyed it. We were off to a good start! We then sampled their wooded Chenin Blanc. A beautiful wine. Although we’re Chardonnay fans we really liked their Chenin Blanc, one we would happily drink. Our last white wine was our favourite, Chardonnay. Absolutely delicious. Also wooded, Morgenhof’s Chardonnay is perfectly balanced.

We then moved onto the reds. Our first red was their Merlot Cabernet Franc. As self confessed Cabernet Franc enthusiasts, we were quite excited to try one of Morgenhof’s. Maybe a little too excited hence the choice of 2 Cabernet Francs 😁 There just isn’t anything to complain about. A fantastic Franc. Many of Morgenhof’s wines are so easy to drink. They aren’t hard on the palate. They really are quite enjoyable, easy drinking wines. Our last wine was the Cabernet Franc Vintage Select. Wow 😍 Described as much more masculine oriented, Morgenhof’s Cabernet Franc Vintage Select was absolutely stunning. So much so that I bought a bottle because we both enjoyed it so much. We finished our last tasting in the cellar. Now, Morgenhof has a very interesting maturation cellar.

Underneath the formal rose garden lies Morgenhof’s hidden underground red wine maturation cellar. Octagonal in design, this maturation cellar houses thousands of litres of red wine. In awe, we walked around the numerous wine barrels, enjoyed the sights and read as many labels as we could find. There aren’t many cellars in the world like this one. The cellar is open to all to explore. Make sure you go downstairs and take a peak, as a wine enthusiast you do not want to miss it.

Once we had our fill and had taken hordes of pictures, we resurfaced and settled our bill. Taking home a bottle of Chardonnay and a bottle of Cabernet Franc Vintage Select, obviously πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹ and thanking the well-informed and sweet Roseline, we hit the restaurant for lunch. A little sustenance never hurt anyone 😁

As much as we love wine, we figured coffee was the flavour of the day going forward. Lunch was just fantastic. I had the Mediterranean vegetables with grilled halloumi, basil pesto and hummus on health bread with a side of fries πŸ˜‹ My better half had the grilled chicken with bacon, avocado and a tomato coriander and red onion salsa on health bread with a side of salad. Both were equally delicious. Rolling out of the restaurant, we went back to the cellar to take some more pics…you never know if you have enough.

We had a wonderful experience at this wine estate, we suggest you take a drive out to Stellenbosch and wander around the rose garden, sample their wines and enjoy their food. It really is a hidden gem set in the beautifully serene Simonsberg Mountains. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Morgenhof Wine Estate. We’re sure you will too πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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