Lunch with a view

Driving through the southern peninsula is one of our favourite weekend activities. Beautiful lunch spots are abundant throughout the journey. Harbour House Kalk Bay was one of our most recent visits. Picturesque mountain and sea views, good wine selections and fantastic food, Harbour House Kalk Bay has it all. Overlooking both Kalk Bay Harbour and the Kalk Bay strip, Harbour House is perfectly positioned. I mean just look at the view below! Just stunning.

To compliment this fantastic view, we started off with a bottle of Journey’s End Haystack Chardonnay along with our ciabatta, olive oil and balsamic reduction. This Chardonnay is perfectly balanced in its oak and fruit ratios. With hints of citrus peel, melon and biscuit, this chardonnay has a lovely crisp freshness to it. Realising the importance of eating good food before consuming a bottle of wine, we ordered a starter to share.

Harbour House has a great menu. From sushi, salads, seafood, lamb and pastas; there is something for every taste bud. We started with a portion of vegetarian Fashion Sandwiches as well as a portion of vegetarian California Rolls. The sushi was beautifully presented and tasted wonderfully. People tend to think vegetarian sushi has a tendency to taste like plastic. But if prepared properly and with a little imagination, vegetarian sushi can be just as tasty as regular salmon based sushi. For us, starters were definitely off to a good start.

For mains we ordered, the potato and parmesan gnocchi with grilled artichokes, mushrooms, pine nuts, sage and a truffle parmesan sauce with roast butternut as well as the yellowtail on a bed of garlic mash, rocket, green beans, salsa verde, mayo and topped with a soft poached egg. Both dishes looked awesome and tasted even better. As a self-proclaimed mushroom hater, I just passed them to my right. The dish was in no other way infused with mushrooms or had hints of mushrooms – I was quite pleased after removing them. My better half had no complaints whatsoever about his yellowtail dish. Smiles all around. We were also amazed and stunned as it’s rare to go out for lunch, see a restaurant at near maximum capacity and receive fantastic service. We really had a great experience at Harbour House Kalk Bay but we weren’t done yet.

So we decided that after a delicious main course, we were ordering a dessert to share – as gluttony isn’t always attractive. We decided on their New York-Style Baked Cheese Cake served with caramel ice cream and mini meringues. As avid fridge tart haters, we absolutely love a baked cheesecake. It’s one of our all time favourites. This one definitely did not disappoint. It was perfectly and evenly baked. Sweet without giving you toothache. The base was just enough crunch without cracking your teeth. A fantastic example of a well-flavoured and well-baked cheese cake. With dessert ending so wonderfully and our stomachs looking rather rounded we decided to take a walk around the harbour. Smell the fresh sea air and appreciate all the natural beauty around us.

We spent some time near the rocks and watched the waves (albeit small ones) crash against the rocks. There is something so calming when watching the sea, it’s almost like a form of release. We climbed back up the pathway and went for a walk along the jetty. Exercise is good especially if you’re like us and love food, best get that walk on. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot some of the local seals who frequent the jetty. They might appear tame, cute and fuzzy but don’t stick your hand out to touch them rather just take a photograph and move along, it’s safer. There are so many restaurants on the Kalk Bay strip and around the harbour but Harbour House has an amazing view, setting and location; they have fantastic food, awesome service and a great selection of wines. Although there are many Harbour House branches, to us, this one is really special. If you’re in the mood for a beautiful view, good food and wine and fancy a scenic and tranquil stroll thereafter to help the possibly overindulgent meal session you’ve had, this is the place to be.

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