Date night at Bouchon

One of our favourite tapas restaurants is without a doubt Bouchon Wine Bar and Bistro in the city centre. A must try for food and wine lovers alike, Bouchon offers local and international wines as well as simple yet flavourful tapas. We visited Bouchon in 2017 and have often thought about returning and checking out the ever changing menu. In March 2018, we finally went back. On our second visit to Bouchon, we decided to change things up a bit. Thanks to Uber, we decided we would order a bottle of the Dorrance Chardonnay Cuvee Anais to start off our little date night. Named after the winemaker’s daughter, the Cuvee Anais is a fantastic Chardonnay. It presents hints of tropical fruits, honey and biscuits as well as a nose of cream and butter. It was simply delicious.

Once we tucked into a deliciously creamy Chardonnay, we had a really difficult time deciding what to order. We know what we enjoyed from our last visit but change isn’t always easy. So we went half and half. Something old and something new. We started off with something new. We ordered the patatas bravas (one of our staple tapas orders) and the deep fried risotto balls with honey and mustard emulsion and a pea puree. Now, I love me some patatas bravas unfortunately this patatas bravas was topped with bacon :/ Highly disappointed, I looked at my partner and thought this is some horse manure because now I can’t have any. Damn bacon! So unfortunately I can’t comment on the patatas bravas. He did say it was yummy but you’d have to ask him for more info. Instead I focused my attention on the risotto balls.

Patatas Bravas topped with bacon
Deep Fried Risotto Balls with honey and mustard emulsion and a pea puree

Once I’d gotten over my gross disappointment and focused my attention on the risotto balls I felt much better. Everything about these deep fried risotto balls was great. I’m always on the lookout for risotto balls. Bouchon’s version was perfectly cooked and balanced. Definitely a happy camper with this option. For our next round we ordered something old – the phyllo wrapped baked camembert served with an apricot preserve and toasted bruschetta. We love cheese. We do our own baked camembert at home whenever we can. So it was a no brainer that we’d return for Bouchon’s version. Bursting at the seams, the combination of the earthiness of the camembert and the sweetness of the apricot preserve was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed our cheese overload. It seemed almost better than the first time we visited Bouchon.

Phyllo wrapped baked camembert served with apricot preserve and bruschetta

Our last something old was the artichoke and pea risotto with truffle oil. Now you might ask why? You already had risotto balls! Well because we can and secondly, do you know how long risotto takes to make? 😉 We tucked in and as usual when something is good…silence at the table. Delicious. Not normally artichoke fans, we loved this combination. Just enough parmesan – who thought there was such a thing? 😉 I just can’t knock this dish. Looking at these four plates, you might think that there’d be room for more but there really isn’t. When we’re in the right frame of mind, we can put it away but the portion sizes at Bouchon are just right. Any more and you wouldn’t be able to have dessert 🙂 Hey, if you’re going to do date night then do it right.

Artichoke and Pea Risotto with truffle oil

Once we’d had a chill out session and compared opinions, we decided to share a dessert. We’ve said this before, gluttony isn’t attractive nor is having to unbutton your pants due to excessive consumption. Deciding every date needs a little chocolate, we opted for the hazelnut chocolate truffles. Ooh la la! They’re like little nuggets of chocolate decadence. Pure deliciousness. They just melt in your mouth. And when you pair it with the creaminess of the chardonnay. Bliss. We left Bouchon feeling chipper, satisfied, happy, content and like we should plan another visit in a few months time. A wonderful atmosphere, a beautiful setting, fantastic tapas and amazing wines; Bouchon is the ideal venue for a date night, a catch-up session with friends, a birthday celebration (they have a private cellar room for larger groups) or if you’re looking for something new. A word to the wise, book ahead of time – much less stress than walking in and realising they’re full. Do yourself a favour and check out Bouchon Wine Bar and Bistro, just another reason Cape Town is the place to be.

Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles

Bouchon Wine Bar and Bistro

+27 21 422 0695/ 95 Hout Street, Cape Town/

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