Culinary delights at Da Capo Vineyards

We’re always in the mood for a little wine and cheese πŸ˜‰ On this particular Saturday afternoon we were in the Gordon’s Bay/Somerset West area. Feeling a little spontaneous we decided to try one nearest to our location. We’ve always enjoyed a glass of wine from Idiom Wines but have never visited the estate until now. Neither of us knew where the estate was exactly. But it’s in times like these when we’re so grateful for GPS. Our drive to the home of Idiom wines was definitely an adventure πŸ˜‰

The Gordon’s Bay/Somerset West area is such a peaceful and tranquil area. The drive to Idiom is a winding one but not without great beauty. Driving 20kms per hour up that road was an absolute pleasure. When you finally reach the vineyards, you realise they’ve just been selfish by hiding such a beautiful estate on the slopes of Sir Lowry’s Pass – it is just too stunning. The Vineyards Italian name (Da Capo) means from the beginning. This refers to the the construction and planting of the first vines in 1999 by the Bottega family. Da Capo Vineyards rests on 150 hectares. This picturesque wine estate can be seen from a distance due to the distinctive mountain shape known as the Idiom Conical Peak. Da Capo vineyards offers one of the largest selections of Italian varietals in South Africa.Β  Breathtaking views, delicious wines, tasteful architecture – this wine estate is definitely one to visit. We arrived at Idiom with the intention of a tasting and platter but at this point we were so hungry that having a tasting wasn’t the best idea.

When we walked into the immaculately designed venue, the friendly staff quickly arranged a table for us and told us we were welcome to wait in the tasting area. At which point we tasted their Viognier. Deliciously creamy and fresh – perfectly balanced with honey nougat notes and peach blossoms on the nose and white peaches, almonds and elegant spices on the palate. After our “long journey”, this just lifted our spirits. They then notified us that our table was ready and off we went. It really is such a treat to experience good friendly service. It makes your experience all the more memorable.

Once seated we looked over the menu, only for some welcomed ciabatta and preserves to make their way to our table. It really is the little things that make your experience enjoyable. Yes we didn’t have the tasting we initially wanted but we did have some wine with lunch. I opted for their Sangiovese while he went with a glass of their Bordeaux Blend. I love a good Sangiovese. It’s such aΒ  stylish wine. This one had rich red and sour cherry aromas with savoury notes and spicy flavours of tobacco and tar. A wonderful balance between tannin and fruit – perfection! Besides we were at Italian South-African wine estate, how could I not, anything Italian and carb overloadish and I’m there!

We then ordered our mains. I went with the Puglia. Well because I’m vegetarian and I’ll eat pizza everyday if I could. The Puglia consists of burrata, red onion, sweet red peppers, with fresh rocket and balsamic pearls. He complimented his Bordeaux Blend with the Bordeaux Burger and fries. However, before our food arrived. The kitchen sent out a complimentary gazpacho. It was deliciously refreshing and tasty, a good gazpacho is hard to come by. Idiom definitely knows what they’re doing. We sat quietly and observed as the mountain and sea views. They really have the perfect setting. I must mention that Idiom has a diverse menu. With distinct Italian and South African flavours – there is something for everyone.


Our food arrived and we tucked in. As a bit of a pizza snob, I’d give the Puglia a solid 8 out of 10. It was tasty with the right combination of salty and sweet. 2 of favourite ingredients on a pizza are garlic and avocado and the Puglia had neither but I still enjoyed it along with the theft of a few fries from my partner’s meal. I couldn’t taste his burger on the other hand – he opted for a omnivorous lunch :/ I’m sure he enjoyed it because he cleared his plate and didn’t complain. So a thumbs up all round for mains. Suffering from a bit of a sweet tooth we decided to once again share a dessert.

the Puglia
the Bordeaux Burger and Fries

As self-confessed fondant-aholics we had no choice but to try the chocolate fondant topped with pistachio with a berry coulis and oh so creamy ice cream. Now we’ve had some sketchy fondants in the past, some so dense and completely ungooey that you could use them as bricks for foundation building but not this one. It was chocolatey, soft, gooey and decadent. Just the way a fondant should be. Each element on that plate complimented the other. A delicious way to end a wonderfully pleasant and serene lunch. After all the goodness Idiom had to offer, we decided to walk around the estate and take some photographs – a good way to walk off all the carbs πŸ˜‰

Walking around this estate is such a delight. It is in moments like these when you realise and appreciate how blessed you are to be able to enjoy such treasures. We’ve said it time and time again, there are so many wine estates in the Western Cape that even if you took a year’s sabbatical you wouldn’t get around to all of them but this estate is one you should definitely make time for. In an area surrounded by wine estates, Idiom has the perfect blend of award-winning wines, excellent service, tasty meals and breathtaking vistas. Stroll around the estate and check out the artwork -many of which are the centre of group photographs. If you’re looking for a hidden gem on a winding road, Da Capo Vineyards is the one to discover. Scroll down for more photographs and contact details for Da Capo Vineyards – the home of Idiom Wines πŸ™‚

Idiom Vineyards – Sir Lowry’s Pass, Somerset West / 021 8581088 /

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